Year: 2013

Location: Karaköy, İstanbul

Photographs: Sergio Ghetti

Gaspar is located within a building in Karaköy, which has been operated as a printing house for nearly a century. The aim is to add a value, reinterpret the unobtrusive and comfortable character of a classic bistro / pub. The materials used during the design process and its main details refer to the streets of Karaköy that are anti-sophisticated and far from being artificial. The main reference of the design approach, is the concept of 'Cabinet of Curiosities', an idea flourished in Europe during 16th century. It defines the collection of interesting and thought provoking 'types of objects whose categorical boundaries are yet to be defined'. According to this purpose, these carefully selected objects are arranged via the 'Knolling' method - grouping the objects parallel and at right angles - displayed on the plywood surfaces constituting the space.